Asian Restaurants


Asian cuisine is a term used as an umbrella for the various cuisines of East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Join us on our Orient express around the greater Salt Lake area as we enjoy fine dining. Asian cuisine styles can be broken down into several regional styles that have roots in the peoples and cultures of those regions. The major types can be roughly defined as East Asian with its origins in Imperial China and now encompassing modern Japan and the Korean peninsula; Southeast Asian which encompasses Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Viet Nam, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines; South Asian derived the states that once made up British India – Burma, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan as well as several other countries in this region of the continent; Central Asian and Middle Eastern.

Restaurants Genre Location Rating
Red House Chinese UT, Salt Lake City 3
Takashi Takashi UT, Salt Lake City 5
Red 8 Chinese NV, Las Vegas 4
Five Star Restaurant Thai UT, Salt Lake 0.5
P.F. Chang's Chinese UT, Salt Lake 2.5
Sono Express Japanese UT, Salt Lake 1
Café Trang Vietnamese UT, Salt Lake 3.5
Xiao Li Chinese UT, Salt Lake 1.5
Canton Village Cantonese UT, Salt Lake 1.5
Restaurants Genre Location Rating