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18 West Market Street
Salt Lake City , UT . 84101
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Sushi Nirvana

Takashi is not your run of the mill sushi standby you're going to run in throw down a few Cali rolls and split, it's more of an event, so plan some time and enjoy yourself. Even at lunch it took us a half hour just to get seated; but no matter, take advantage of the time and peruse the menu. There is a whole Beatles theme section and a vast selection of sushi, nigiri, sashimi, soups and appetizers. Thanks to modern technology we grabbed a smart phone and jotted down our order.

So finally when it came time to sit down we were ready to place our order. As we rambled off the calamari appetizer and a few nigiri and some typical sushi rolls, we asked it that was more than a typical order. The waitress smiled and said no the rolls are pretty small and you should be okay to eat that. We laughed and then continued with the other half of our order.

The calamari was a delight and a good palette cleanser between rolls and waiting for the next round as plate after plate of nigiri and sushi came out. Each roll was prepared with such preciseness and the seafood was succulent with melt in your mouth freshness. While you can't go wrong with any roll here, and you may not have the time or budget for that much food, let me just hit you with the three most important rolls not to miss.

Strawberry fields roll - taking a bit is this will change your life. The interesting twist of a strawberry and fish is quite amazing. As you bit into the roll you mouth is drenched in sweet strawberry juice as your salivation glands rush an unexpected burst of red chili bursts in your mouth raising the heat in your mouth to full intensity.

The Imagine roll - Soft and simple and a great compliment to the Strawberry field as it quenches the fire and leaves your mouth satisfied and yearning for more.

The Forest Gump roll - although it was the forgotten roll and we had to ask for it after we had devoured all that food, it was by far a spectacular way to end the meal. A pleasant subtleness to the roll with shrimp and white fish. There was cucumber stuffed inside which added a refreshing cleansing of your mouth letting you enjoy the sweetness of the eel sauce.
– Funky - 2016.03.25


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