Latin Restaurants

Sonora Grill

2310 Kiesel Avenue
Ogden , UT . 84401
801 393-1999

A Change is coming

This upscale mexican restaurant in the center of this new area is unsuspectingly welcome. Ogden not known for actually having people wanting to be there has been undergoing a change; while not involving city gondolas, the Sonora Grill is a polar opposite of what Ogden used to stand for. It seemed more like a destination rather than an evacuation and was rather full when we arrived on a Friday night. We were seated outside in their patio dining area, as the night went on so did the crowd and the service continued to be prompt and friendly.

When you think Mexican I am sure you immediately think of North Ogden, or at least you will after you visit Sonora Grill. From the refreshing complementary salsa that greets you at the table to the delicious entrees, this dining experience will leave your palette satisfied with pure excitement. Ogden has finally done something right and the Sonora Grill is at the top of the list. While the traditional tacos will keep you grounded in the streets of Guadalajara and the burritos will wrap you up in the festive atmosphere, the selection of specialty entrees will amaze you beyond your expectations. The Cochinita Pibil is an amazingly superb dish of marinated pork wrapped in a banana leaf and slow-roasted then served with coconut rice and fresh corn or flour tortillas. This new and exciting delight was hands down the best dish of the night and revived my love for Mexican food. – Funky - 2012.06.29

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