American Restaurants

Buffalo Wild Wings

11332 South River Heights Road
South Jordan , UT . 84095
801 -82-6-29

Great place for that final date

This bar setting restaurant is spacious and really really loud. If you are in a time crunch this is the best place to avoid. Filled with a bunch of liars who can't tell time, they will suck you in to a 45 minute wait that takes over an hour and a half. So now that you are finally seated, order some appetizers while you decide on your entree. That 4 minute wait for your appetizer will not only seem like 20 minutes, it will actually come after the meal is served.

As for a conversation, I recommend you finish that up before you enter the echoing chamber of chaos. This would be the perfect place to break up with your girlfriend because you are already yelling at her anyway.

Now on to the food. The onion rings are a sweet beer battered ring with an appropriate amount if sugar to taunt your taste buds into a splendid frenzy. Unfortunately the urine deep fried flat bread coupled with the rancid artichoke dip gives you a unremarkable reminiscent flavor of the common latrine mint.

The pickle spear quickly becomes the star if your entree as you sift through the pile if substandard fries piled next to the unforgettable sandwich you are about embark. The sad thing about these wide variety of sauces is that the best sauce they have is the Asian Zing sauce which by no coincidence is suspiciously close the AmaZing sauce at Wingers; which you are quickly realizing is where you should have just gone.

The only saving grace for this shit hole is their huckleberry lemonade which is like a party in your mouth. So the next time you are craving a delicious beverage TO GO, you might want to stop by - just keep the car running because any amount if time waiting here is TOO LONG.

– Funky - 2012.11.21


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